Club Latino Espanol Oy (CLE) is a new entity dedicated to education through sports in order to get good athletes and better people, educating through the values and enjoyment of the sport, as well as identification with soccer.

Besides sport, our Club provides social activities for members such as: parties, saunas and travel within and outside Finland.

The group is composed of players from different countries and cultures and there by help in the integration of our players in the Finnish culture in a friendly environment.

We try to understand the sport as a way to achieve personal development. For the Club dominated the values of education through sport, social and cultural development.

We try to foster a sense of group membership, giving members of the Club, all our support and friendship. We will also give close attention to the importance of the responsibility of each player or member of our group –

Develop a healthy sporting spirit, focusing on respect for the rules, referees, teammates, parents and the public, educating on social, ethical and moral.

Currently the Club has 3 football teams, one in the 3rd division and other in the 5th division of Helsinki. The club also has 3 teams in the Helsinki Futsal League in the winter time and now in March 2014 is starting a new project, CLE juniors, with children aged 8 through 11 years.

In joining our club will you be coming to a group of friends where the leaders will be committed fully with partners, players and parents, trying to make everyone feel identified the maximum to our institution.

So if what you’re looking for sports, friendship, Sort, activities, travel and commitment, this is your Club.

The Club thanks all those that already are believing in this new project, remembering that without your help this new idea would not be a reality.


Sergio Quilodran

Founder – President

Nationality chi Chile
Current Team CLE
Past Teams CLE